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Creating Your Website

Thank you for choosing Website Design by JB!  We are so happy to be able to serve you in this way.  This page will give you a basic overview of our services. 

We can build your site from the ground up either based on a concept you have in mind or creating a concept for your site.  We can also re-do your current website. 


Websites contain the following page options:

             -Home Page                             - About Us                  

             -Newsletter                               -Testimonies              

             -Contact Us                              -Prayer Requests     

             -Photo Gallery                         -Articles

             -Donate                                     -Products       

             -Calendar/Upcoming Events          

             -Customizable Pages



Updating Your Website—This is our regular updating schedule.

             Any updates must be submitted by the 15th of the month.  Items that you will want to regularly update are the following: Upcoming Events, Newsletter, Prayer Requests, Photos, and any changes to regular information such as contact information, etc.

             All updates will be posted to the website by the 1st of the following month.  For example:  You submit an update by February 15th, it will be posted to the website by March 1st. 

             We also offer custom updating schedules depending on the package you choose.


Site Traffic

All websites include a basic site visit counter.  This is a basic counter that will tell you how many hits you get on your site.  It breaks it down to day by day, so you are able to track the traffic volume.  



Your site can include e-mail hosting or not depending on the package you choose. 


Personal Quote

Contact us to get your personal quote! 


I can do all things through him (Adonai) who gives me power.


  -Philippians 4:13




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