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Website Design by JB is owned and operated by Jocelin Boutet.  Jocelin’s love for website design came from a simple desire for a website for her hobby.  As she began to learn more and more about web designing, it soon became a passion and later a business.  She says, "Because I self taught myself many of the skills that I use, I feel that I was much more passionate about learning.  Learning by trial and error taught me not only how to do each step correctly, but how to problem solve quickly and accurately."  Her websites have covered the range from ministries to for profit businesses.  She has been doing this for over 4 years now and desires to continue serving Adonai in this way as He opens the doors. 
Jocelin Boutet
Jocelin Boutet

I can do all things through him (Adonai) who gives me power.


-Philippians 4:13




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